About Us

is built on experts that genuinely care about helping people scale and grow their business. 

If you’re looking to have someone run your PPC department for you and learn from one of the best people in the game, Mina is your guy. He and his team will not only run your PPC campaigns, but he will also teach you everything you need to know about PPC!

Mina "The Egyptian Prescription" Elias
CEO and Founder of Trivium Group

How It All Began

Mina ran PPC Campaigns for his own companies for many years and got so good at it he started teaching people how to do it.

He made a Youtube Channel all about PPC advertising and Selling on Amazon after the high demand of people wanting to learn from him. 

Mina has been featured on many podcasts talking about his strategic PPC campaigns and also created a very informative course called PPC University.

Eventually people came to Mina begging for his help and asked him if he could run their PPC for them. So that's when TRIVIUM was born. He built a team full of experts and started offering his service to close friends. 

After Mina built a team and started taking on a few clients, TRIVIUM grew rapidly and so did the team. 

Why have someone run your PPC for you?

Not only will you learn from the best, you will have someone help you in this critical category that makes a huge impact on your business! It will take some stress off your plate and allow you to focus more on your business rather than in it. Allow yourself to use this extra time to be more creative and work on the more important things like launching more products and expanding your business.

Also why take risks and spend money when you can have someone with the expertise walk you through it and do it perfectly so you don’t loose money? 

Let's work together to scale your business!