Why work with us?

What’s the best thing about working at TriviumCo? Easy. The people.

We’re curious, creative, and diverse, driven by the purpose of our work and energized by the joy we get from supporting each other. We build awesome stuff that helps people and love doing it together.


Working with the TriviumCo team has been a fantastic and rewarding experience. Each day presents me with a new challenge. Those challenges become learning opportunities as I work with a bunch of talented people with an amazing passion for their work. TriviumCo is a great place to work and strives for a friendly, team-oriented environment. I can't wait to hear from you!

- Mina Elias, CEO and Founder of Trivium Group

Perks of working with us


Invest in your future

Competitive Pay

We know your are valuable

Flexible PTO

Time off when you need it

Continuous education

Become a lifelong learner

Health Benefits

Time off when you need it

Join a thriving family

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Our Core Values

Full Ownership
Progress over Perfection
1% better every

Open Positions

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