Our Process

Supplement Brand on Amazon data reporting and analytics

1. Listing Inspection

Before we start advertising, we will check your listing for all potential room for improvement. For advertising to work incredibly well, when we start sending you more traffic than you can handle, we want to make sure it will convert and make you a lot of money. We will break down the listing and make sure every element is optimized from the start.

Amazon Advertising Campaign Audit

2. Advertising Campaign Audit

We will dissect every piece of your existing campaigns and look at precisely what is working and what is not. If you have low budgets, too many keywords per campaign, multiple ad groups, keywords that aren’t performing, we will identify all of that and fix it first. The goal is to understand what is currently happening in the account, and capitalize on all areas of improvement, to maximize your ROI, sales and profits.

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3. A Plan of Action

After our comprehensive audit, we will strategize together to develop concrete goals, milestones, and guard rails to ensure that we are all aligned on the same thing. We will then create a calculated method of achieving your goals through a systematic advertising approach, whether that means we start with optimizing first, then scaling, relaunching, or investing in increasing organic ranking. The goal here is a happy strategy that helps us achieve our goals quickly.

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4. Takeoff

Step back and watch our team take over at full speed. We effectively use our top-of-the-line systems to get your advertising rolling fast, from optimization to new campaign creation to keyword isolation. Our team does all of the heavy liftings of restructuring campaigns and all of the little details involved in identifying unique and profitable search terms, and cutting off bleeding keyword and product targets to get your sales up, ACoS down, and ultimately increase your profits.

Weekly analytics check in | office workplace table with reports

5. Weekly Analytics Check-in

We provide updates and reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. We provide consolidated data summarizing any changes in; PPC spend, PPC sales, organic sales, sessions, conversion rate, click-through rate, profits, and even cost per acquisition. You’ll start seeing your Amazon account in a new light. Everything becomes so clear like a thick fog has been lifted, once you can see exactly what is going on and which change is producing an increase or decrease in your profits.

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6. It’s a Team Effort

We will create a Slack channel during onboarding. There, we will communicate daily, provide updates on what is going on, consult you on any matters regarding your advertising or listings, and ensure that we are always staying aligned with your goals. Instead of getting an account manager who usually never touches the ads, you are right in the group to chat with the team and everyone who touches your account. Our team becomes your team.

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7. Iteration to Perfection

We will constantly tweak and test all the components of your ad campaigns until we reach perfection, and then we will continue to iterate further because, as we all know, Amazon is ever-changing. We use advanced analytics and constantly upgraded in-house technology and macros to test and improve your ads in a mathematically superior model.


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