HR & Recruiting Manager

Trivium Group is a full-service Amazon agency that helps brands scale profitably on Amazon. We fully integrate with your team and become your in-house Amazon team without the price tag. We are built on strong systems, sharp people, and good values.

Trivium Group is growing and we’re looking for an HR & Recruiting Manager with full-cycle recruiting experience, from talent sourcing and attracting candidates to interviewing, hiring and retaining great employees.

Our HR & Recruiting Manager possesses a high work ethic, excellent communication skills, knowledge of HR practices, strategic thinking abilities, strong organizational skills, and excellent interpersonal skills. This person is able to implement strategies that support business growth, improve morale and employee retention, enhance safety and wellness, strengthen relations between staff and employers, manage job satisfaction, attract the best recruits, and promote the organization’s values.


Recruitment & Selection

  • Understanding the short and long-term goals of the divisions in order to support talent management strategy including workforce planning and succession planning
  • Managing the staffing process, including recruiting, interviewing, hiring and onboarding
  • Developing and updating job descriptions and job specifications by performing job and task analysis
  • Designing and helping the team in implementing overall recruiting strategy
  • Conducting interviews for senior roles using various reliable recruiting and selection tools/methods to filter candidates within schedule
  • Overseeing the daily workflow of the HR & Recruitment department

Performance Management

  • Collaborating with the division managers to create and maintain an environment where people can perform to the best of their abilities and produce the highest-quality work most efficiently and effectively
  • Leading performance management efforts, including performance reviews, goal setting, and career development planning, to ensure that employees are motivated, engaged, and contributing to the organization’s success
  • Using performance management tools to provide guidance and feedback to the team
  • Building an internal talent pipeline, so that the strategic roles open up, there is talent waiting to take them on

Culture Management

  • Setting and maintaining a high-performance culture that promotes inclusivity and diversity
  • Striving to promote culture and values by proactively educating and advising to improve the employee experience and mitigate risk
  • Promoting an environment that fosters inclusive relationships and creates unbiased opportunities for contributions through ideas, words, and actions that uphold company principles and values
  • Supporting current and future business needs through the development, engagement, motivation and preservation of human capital

Learning, Compensation & Benefits

  • Creating learning and development programs and initiatives that provide internal development opportunities for employees
  • Creating the compensation strategy for all employees based on market research and pay surveys & keeping the strategy up to date

Employee Relations

  • Serving as the point of contact for employment relations and communicate with leadership
  • Ensuring that employees feel valued and supported as the company scales
  • Addressing employee or labor relations matters through problem solving, coaching and advising, escalating as needed
  • Handling discipline and termination of employees in accordance with company policy
  • Demonstrating understanding of the complex business environment and identifying how business managers can partner with HR productively and proactively to respond to issues as they arise

Information & Analytics

  • Maintaining company organization charts and employee directory
  • Reporting to higher management and providing decision support through HR metrics
  • Maintaining knowledge of trends, best practices, regulatory changes, and new technologies in human resources, talent management
  • Partnering across the organization to gather and analyze information on key talent and organizational indicators to support effective decision-making and workforce planning
  • Leveraging leading practices and data to advise the units for all areas of HR including hiring decisions, promotion, compensation, learning, professional development, and succession planning

 OUTLINE-Tasks with KPIs and Deliverables

  • Employee retention. The rate of employee retention is calculated by comparing the number of workers who joined the company in a specific period vs. those who stayed during the same period. You should investigate how salary, time off policies, or office climate impact retention. Formula: (Remaining headcount during a set period ÷ Headcount at the start of the period) x 100- quarterly
  • Turnover rate of high performers. The high-performers thrive because of the company culture and they are extremely sensitive to the work atmosphere. They are continually hunted by other companies, who want their talent. Good employees always have a lot of options in front of them, and you, as the HR & Recruiting Manager, need to ensure that you give them reasons to stay- quarterly
  • Average time for recruitment. The average time for recruitment measures the time between the announcement of an employee who is leaving the company and when another candidate is chosen and selected to replace him- monthly
  • Job referral percentage. High referral rate means that your present employees are happy with the way things are. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be a part of any referral program, even if it looks lucrative to them. Job referrals are also a great way to hire suitable candidates who are more likely to stay with the company. By not following the traditional method of hiring, you will be able to reduce your expenses as the usual method takes up a lot of time, effort, and money- monthly
  • Absenteeism. If our employees often take leaves on a whim, it means that there is something inherently wrong with the way our company is functioning. While there may be genuine reasons why employees might not be able to work, as an HR Manager you also need to monitor to see if there is a massive trend of absenteeism. If employees take leaves en masse, even that reflects poorly on the company. There is only one answer for all of this- our employees are not happy at the workplace. Formula: Absenteeism = (total number of workdays lost)/(number of workdays available)- monthly
  • Employee satisfaction. You will measure talent satisfaction through employee satisfaction surveys, which should be conducted on a regular basis to make sure all employees’ needs are being met and any issues or concerns they have are being addressed- bi-weekly


  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Proven work experience as an HR Manager or a similar role- at least 3 year
  • Solid ability to conduct different types of interviews (structured, competency-based, stress etc.)
  • Hands-on experience with various selection processes (video interviewing, phone interviewing, reference check etc.)
  • Ability to organize skills assessment centers (in tray activities, work samples, psychometric and IQ/EQ tests, etc)
  • Knowledge of a broad range of human resource strategies and practices, including compensation, performance management, safety, hiring and employee relations
  • Knowledge of HR systems and databases
  • Demonstrated proficiency in the Microsoft Office and Google suites
  • Ability to prioritize tasks and to delegate them when appropriate
  • Problem-solving skills and a proactive approach
  • High accuracy and attention to detail
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills (English: at least B2)
  • Excellent active listening, negotiation and presentation skills
  • Strong decision-making skills


  • Competitive salary
  • Semi-flexible working hours (6am-11am PST mandatory)
  • Remote work year-round
  • 25 PTOs per year
  • 9 National Holidays
  • Professional training
  • Continuous growth

This will be a remotely administered FULL TIME [40 hr/week] position with an immediate starting date upon hire. Working hours: 6am-11am PST are mandatory, over 3 hours are flexible. You will need to be able to accommodate different schedules and time zones. You will need a quiet workspace with fast internet, a webcam, and a microphone for video calls. This role is compensated on pure experience, and you will receive considerable levels of autonomy and ownership over your projects.

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