Advertising & PPC

Advertising & PPC

Amazon sellers run PPC advertising to drive traffic and improve visibility of their products and use product listings and product pages to convert the sale. \ To increase the amount of traffic

A successful Amazon marketing strategy starts with a PPC campaign blueprint. Optimal ad performance is achieved by having well planned, consistent campaign structures and nomenclature and if set up correctly, allows you

By manually auditing your Amazon account, you can develop a better understanding of your account performance, with insight into what is performing well and where there may be issues that need improvement.

Every Amazon seller has one goal in mind, scale revenue and increase profitability. It’s the name of the game, and let’s face it, if you aren’t profitable on Amazon and see no

With more than 80% of sales on Amazon taking place on the first page, it is more important than ever to rank high in search results. Amazon works with its own proprietary

Manually creating, managing and optimizing Amazon advertising campaigns can be very overwhelming and very time consuming. Particularly as you expand your product catalogue and launch more and more new campaigns. While it

If you currently have a product that you sell DTC or on Amazon and want to get it on TikTok shop, this video is for you! TikTok shop is the new marketplace

Welcome to the Amazon Blueprint podcast! In this episode, Mina shares three advanced Amazon PPC tips to take your advertising strategy to the next level.

Struggling to navigate the complexities of Amazon PPC and stand out among millions? Discover how a robust Pay-Per-Click strategy can elevate your product visibility and drive sales on this competitive platform. Unlock

In this podcast episode, you will learn three effective Amazon advertising strategies for success. Mina dives into everything you need to know to reduce wasted ad spend by identifying and removing underperforming

Are you struggling to efficiently manage your Amazon PPC ads, like many other Amazon sellers and brands? Having spent countless hours working on Amazon ads, Mina has developed a step-by-step guide to

In this episode of the Amazon Blueprint Podcast, host Mina Elias, founder of Trivium Group, an Amazon PPC agency, shares valuable insights and strategies for effectively managing and optimizing Amazon PPC ads.