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Your partial in-house advertising team for Amazon. Profitably scaling ads and creating winning strategies on Amazon through strong systems, a sharp team, and no AI. Just consistent, hard work.

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We have the most advanced analytics in the Market.

We cater full management of pay-per-click advertising for Amazon

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What Trivium Has To Offer

Trivium provides a range of services with packages for sellers at all stages of their Amazon journey. We have something to suit any budget.

Startup Management

$1,500 Base/Month + $200/Parent Asin (2 Asin Limit)


  • Monday weekly report
  • Thursday update report


  • Updates on daily spending are provided once a week
  • Full PPC optimization
  • Listing improvement recommendations from experienced brand managers
  • Gradual campaign launches with careful budgeting
  • Update on the next steps included
  • Daily responsiveness to questions
  • Access to analytics: Performance screenshots posted on the Slack channel every Monday
  • Access to advanced analytics software
  • Access to Trivium Tribe

Full PPC Management

$2,500 Base/Month + $200/Parent Asin


  • Daily performance updates
  • Weekly performances updates


  • Create portfolios for separate parent ASINs and the brand table
  • Rename the campaigns for easy identification and include product codes
  • Provide Trivium Analytics with a comprehensive explanation of data, plan of action, and strategy
  • Pause non-performing or dead keywords
  • Optimize keywords on a regular basis, even daily if necessary
  • Launch auto campaigns for each ASIN if required
  • Launch new campaigns using profitable search terms from Search Term Report (STR) data
  • Conduct keyword research and optimize campaigns for profitable targeting
  • Protect brand name across all ad types (sponsored products, brand, display, video, etc.)
  • Deliver daily updates on campaign performance


  • Perform seasonality analysis
  • Conduct SEO and competitive analysis during the initial 30-60 days of collaboration
  • Provide suggestions via the Slack channel for client implementation
  • Track organic rankings
  • Launch organic ranking campaigns for improvement

Full Account Management

$4,000 Base/Month + $300/Parent Asin


  • Daily performance updates
  • Weekly performances updates


  • Everything from Full PPC

Account Management

  • Implementation of changes and A/B experiments by internal brand managers, if necessary
  • Opening support cases with Amazon to address and resolve issues
  • Listing Creation/Optimization
  • Meetings for brand management and problem-solving
  • Creation of Lightning Deals
  • Inventory tracking and replenishments
  • Creating shipping plans
  • Dealing with Amazon hijackers

Trivium Analytics

  • Detailed explanation of data, action plan, and strategy


SEO & Competitive Analysis

Trivium Tribe

Brand Manager Requests

Trivium Analytics



A+ Content


Brand Recognition and eCommerce Optimization

Raising brand and high ranking for a newly launched brand on Amazon

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Thank you so much for the fast reaction! We really appreciate your good communication!


Things are looking good and i’m happy with the way things are going! Thanks


Thank you so much for the timely update! Results are looking great!


We are getting to a good spot and optimizations are converting really well. Let’s crush it!


We got the badge ! We saw are great improvement with BSR after lowering price and we’re now very close to #1. Our top competitor was almost overtaken in the race! Let’s go!