Amazon sellers run PPC advertising to drive traffic and improve visibility of their products and use product listings and product pages to convert the sale. \

To increase the amount of traffic and convert more sales, there are three key performance metrics your should be monitoring and tracking:

  1. Sessions: Measures your volume of traffic to your product listing.
  2. Click Through Rate (CTR): Measures the relevancy and appeal of your ad based on the number of people that click on your product listing
  3. Conversion Rate (CVR): Measures the desirability of your product and your product listing based on the number of people that click and make a purchase.

Here are seven tips to help you increase your sales:

Tip 1: Update your Main Image

An attractive, eye-catching main image is key to capturing buyers’ attention to your product and away from your competitors. Improve your main image by ensuring it meets the following criteria:

  • High quality photography
  • The image fills the square
  • Transparent background
  • Text on the label and packaging
  • Is clear and easy to read
  • No additional text outside of the product
  • Regularly split test with different main images

Tip 2: Lightning Deals and 7-day deals

Deals differentiate one ad from another. Not only do they have a stand out effect on a product listing but if buyer decision is tight, they will most often opt for the product offering a deal.

Tip 3: Keyword Indexation

Indexing for relevant keywords will drive the right traffic to your listings and help you to rank organically. Performing keyword research of competitor listings and using keyword tools such as Helium 10’s can assist you in determining the most relevant, high search volume keywords that you should be using in your product listing and your PPC advertising.

Tip 4: Videos on Product Detail Page

Videos weigh heavily on buyer influence. Offering a live visual of your product helps shoppers convert effectively and you will drive a higher number of sales for the same amount of ad spend. Utilizing to find influencers for comparison and unboxing videos are a powerful means of influencing a sale and retaining a shopper on your product page. Alternatively, create a video yourself and have a friend use their Amazon account to post the video to your product page.

Tip 5: Amazon Posts

Amazon Posts are basically, “Instagram” for Amazon. You can create posts for your products and publish them on the Amazon platform. Posts give your products more visibility in more placements. In addition to placing on your feed, your posts will be displayed on product detail pages, related product feeds and category-based feeds.

Tip 6: High Campaign Budgets

Setting a high budget, on good performing campaigns, indicates to Amazon they have more scope to place your product ad more often and in more places. Exhausting a daily budget can have a negative impact on PPC performance and results in missed sales opportunities. Ensure your campaign budgets are at a level high enough to meet the traffic demand and scale based on performance. We recommend a minimum of $100 per campaign.

Tip 7: Utilize the Request Review Button

Reviews provide very strong social proof and brand trust with shoppers on Amazon. Product rating is high on the list of buyer intent and most shoppers will disqualify any product with a below 4-star rating.

Amazon is making it harder and harder to obtain reviews without going against their terms of service. Your best option is to simply request a review using the request a review button. You can find this in your manage orders page by clicking on the order number.

FInal Thoughts

In addition to these actionable strategies, partnering with an experienced Amazon agency like Trivium can provide invaluable expertise and resources to further enhance your PPC campaigns. Trivium offers comprehensive services including keyword research, campaign optimization, and performance tracking, ensuring that your advertising efforts are targeted and effective. By leveraging the insights and guidance of professionals who understand the intricacies of the Amazon marketplace, you can streamline their advertising efforts, optimize their budget allocation, and ultimately achieve greater success in driving traffic and converting sales.
Plus, Trivium offers a free audit to help sellers identify areas for improvement and tailor strategies to their unique needs, making it easier to achieve their business goals efficiently. Collaborating with Trivium empowers sellers to navigate the complexities of PPC advertising with confidence, leveraging expert support to maximize their impact on the platform.